The People's Pledge

Demanding Accountability in Illinois State Government

Illinois politics is rotten at its core. Dominated for decades by one man: Illinois House Speaker Michael J. Madigan.

He’s amassed power at all costs, even as Illinois has suffered under his rule. Madigan will do anything to keep his grip on power, even as scandal engulfs his reign. 

Enough is enough.

THE PEOPLE’S PLEDGE requires members of the Illinois House of Representative to promise to oppose Mike Madigan as House Speaker no matter what.

Even if Madigan refuses to resign, our state representatives can still take his power away by removing the Speaker’s gavel from Madigan’s grip.

The People’s Pledge also makes sure a Madigan-like politician can never rise again by placing term limits on legislators and statewide officeholders. The People’s Pledge puts the people back in charge of state government.

See who signed The People's Pledge ...

The People’s Pledge:

“We resolve to demonstrate our commitment to the people we serve by demanding real change in state government…”

Jim Durkin

District 82

Dave Severin

District 117

Patrick Windhorst

District 118

Peter Breen

District 48

Christine Winger

District 45

Dan Ugaste

District 65

Darren Bailey

District 109

Brad Halbrook

District 102

Tom Demmer

District 90

Patty Smith

District 84

Doug Jameson

District District 113

Dwight Kay

District 112

Herman Senor

District 96

Terri Bryant

District 117

David Friess

District 116

Blaine Wilhour

District 107

Deanne Mazzochi

District 47

David Olsen

District 81

Karen Feldman

District 59

Chris Miller

District 110

Jerry Long

District 76

Alyssia Benford

District 98

Mike Babcock

District 111

Jason Madlock

District 114

Mike Murphy

District 99

Tim Butler

District 87


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I agree: Fire Mike Madigan!

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